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Certification without Complication


Complaints General Information

Complaints shall be made in writing to Avalon Certification Limited 68b Barkston House Croydon Street Leeds LS11 9RT, or by email to info@acertl.com.

In order to be able to deal effectively with a complaint the complainant must include their full contact details. Should we receive an anonymous complaint we will pursue it as far as is reasonably practicable, but may not be able to fully conclude if communication cannot be established between ourselves and the complainant.

When making a complaint please state clearly the full nature of the complaint. Remember we can only investigate FACTS! Receiving a Complaint Upon receipt of a complaint Avalon Certification shall record the following details:

  • Name of complainant
  • Address (in order that we can respond)
  • Date of complaint
  • Certification number if an existing client
  • Description of the complaint

We shall send you a written acknowledgement within 28 days confirming that we have received your complaint. Investigating a Complaint Full details of all complaints shall be forwarded to a Director of Avalon Certification, who shall carry out a full investigation into the matter in order to:

  • Establish if the allegations are true
  • Establish the cause
  • Identify any personnel involved
  • Identify the contributory factors
  • Identify any trends If the complaint is not justified the complainant shall be informed and given the reasons why it is not justified.

If the complaint is justified the Director shall instigate corrective action to the satisfaction of the complainant. The complainant shall be informed of the outcome. Justified :A complaint that is ‘justified’ is a complaint that Avalon Certification have accepted in either full or in part. Not justified : A ‘not justified’ complaint is a complaint that upon investigation cannot be attributed to the activities of Avalon Certification and therefore is not accepted in either part of full by Avalon Certification. If the complaint is not resolved after 28 days a further letter shall be issued to the complainant assuring them that the complaint is still under investigation